ladypajama (ladypajama) wrote,

Art Journal

Saturday (21st) -- worked on zine pages while socializing
Sunday -- brainstormed with Laurie about ideas for things to write about in my zine. Did writing practice with her out in the woods
Monday -- organized art space
Tuesday -- did the base painting on a bunch of pieces of wood
Wednesday -- moved stuff (furniture) for slumgullion
Thursday -- nothing
Friday -- folded and stapled some zines
Saturday -- nothing
Sunday -- worked on zine

I might throughout the week update with the last few days happenings. because sometimes I can't remember back even a few days ago.

Also in this last week I started writing about some of the best times in my life. Dan Solomon challenged me to write on this topic, and I got quite far on the subject and then, well, i didn't save and my computer got unplugged. So this is a topic that I hope i will write about this week and post here.
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