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I thought I would share these freewrites I wrote today. The was we do it is that someone offers a prompt and then we write for 10 minutes nonstop. These are mine. Mind you I have not edited them or anything. So if they seem a bit rough that is why.


The last buffalo was walking down the road. Confused he looked for the grass and could not find any. He smelled at the air and gave out a loud hurufff. The sound animals make after smelling the air. And i am not sure if it was a sign of discontent or confusion. He stepped off the cement onto the grass. Wow there is the grass, he thought. He smelled it. Maybe he wanted to take a bite of it. But he didn't. he walked on slowly down into a ditch. The kind of ditch that runs along side of a highway. The kind of ditch that cars fall off the road into. The kind of ditch that little kids find dead bodies in.

The last buffalo walked down into the ditch and as he brought in the coolness of the damp dirt and foilage he thought about other buffalo, He wondered were they all were. Where had they gone? Where would he go next?

Then he thought about the white buffalo. The white buffalo was a buffalo in a story he once heard and he wondered if the white buffalo ever felt like he feels right now. The last buffalo feels very alone right now, but he didn't even realize that is how he felt until he wondered if the white buffalo felt like he feels, which is alone. He thought that that was weird that he could feel a certain way without knowing it.

I guess that is part of the subconcience. It knows all these things that we don't really know conscientiously.

The buffalo found some trash on the hillside that is between the road and the ditch. I don't know if hillside is the right word. Incline. Incline between road and ditch. There is lots of trash in this area. The reds and green of old soda bottles. The light catching the side of a crushed beer can just right so it gleams and shines right into the last buffalo's eyes. Strangely among the trash there was a little baby doll in a green knit dress laying much like a dead person would lay. face down. arms at ungodly angles. legs that would be broken if they were not made of fabric and stuffing. and the buffalo liked the doll. He nosed it and sneezed. He might be getting a cold. He sure hoped not.

like a flower that desires only to bloom. the child ate as much sugar as she possibly could. In her six year old head she strongly believed that sugar was her what do you call that stuff that plants need to grow fertilization. Sugar was her fertilizer. She believed it was what turned her into a flower. She felt like a flower after eating an entire box of runts and drinking an entire gallon of koolaid. Her mom did not agree with the girls beliefs and would punish her if she found her consuming such large quanities of sugar so the girl had to sneak it. luckily for her her mom worked fulltime and left her alone for long portions of the day. She would take the food that her mother prepared for her to eat and would walk down the street and feed it to the dog that was left and lonely in the yard. She would then go to the store and find all the sugar she wanted. Sometimes she had money, sometimes she didn't. These times she would place small candies in her small pockets. And run from the store hoping that they wouldn't see the small bulges of stolen goods.

When she got home, she had built a secret fort in her room. It was made out of clothes baskets and sheets. She would crawl inside of it and take her candy from her pocket and stroke it and admire it and then she would devour it much like a wild animal will tear into its prey. Afterwords she would feel the sugar coarse through her veins. She would feel the flower that is her blooming. She would feel like the greatest thing in the world. And then she would run around the house giggling and screaming to the gods. ONly wishing she wasn't so alone. Some one to eat the candy with would be nice. She would end up in weird places in the house. Sometimes on the floor of the bathroom sometimes behind the couch sometimes ubder the kitchen table and she would curl up in a little ball sometimes with a stuffed animal or a sweater of her moms and she would talk to the friends she wished she had until she fell into a fitfull sleep.

Her Mother would return from work and find her child in these strange places and sigh and pick the girl up and place her in her bed. Sometimes she would crawl in next to her for awhile and wish she didn't have to work so that she would know how her child ended up in these places.
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